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Fall 2022



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Click for Aspen's page

Aspen & Delta

Due Date: Sept. 24, 2022

***Due to technical issues I am having, please refer to our FB or IG pages for updates***

Most, if not all, of our puppies go to those already on our waiting list, so please message me today to join!



Guardian Home Opportunity!

We are currently looking for a Guardian Home for Delta while he is still in our breeding program. Once he is retired, we will transfer FULL OWNERSHIP over to his Guardian! Delta's Guardian Home MUST be within 2 hours or so of Corsica, South Dakota.


Our Story

We are a young family that has been raising and breeding dogs since 2003. We got our first Pomsky in 2015 and have loved being involved in helping the breed become more established.

We pride ourselves in keeping just a handful of dogs, making sure that all of our puppies get tons of socialization and interaction. This insures that they go home ready to be part of any family or adventure!

We are proud to be among the very first Pomsky breeders to OFA test ALL of our dogs for ALL of the recommended OFA exams for Huskies, Pomeranians and American Eskimo (all of the breeds that make up the Pomsky breed): hip, patella, heart, and eyes!

All of our dogs are also EMBARK tested, which tests for over 170 health conditions, as well as over 20 traits, ensuring that all of our puppies produced are sound in health!

For over a year we have been working hard to get ALL of our dogs FULLY tested and are extremely proud to say that we have every single dog in our program fully examined and certified according to the specific tests and age requirements. And if they aren't old enough to be OFA certified yet, we have them examined according to OFA standards by the vet who will complete their certifications when they are old enough to ensure they will pass when the time comes. Visit "Meet the Pack" to learn more about each member of our Dakota Pomskies Pack and their testing results!


Now taking applications for Guardian Homes!

If you've always wanted a Pomsky, and you are located within 2 hours of Corsica, SD, then maybe being a Guardian Home is just for you!! We are currently look for a Guardian Home for Delta and upcoming puppies.

Being a Guardian Home is an excellent opportunity to have a breeding-quality puppy or adult Pomsky as a pet. In exchange for providing a loving and safe home for our breeding dog and partnering with us while the dog is part of our breeding program, you will receive FULL OWNERSHIP of that dog upon their retirement as compensation!

***MUST be located within about 2 hours of Corsica, South Dakota***


What People Are Saying

Thinking about joining the Dakota Pomskies families? Check out what LOTS of others had to say about their experience!


"We took Pippin to the vet on Monday, and he (the vet) had only good things to say: great body condition, very calm and easy to handle, etc. We're going back in a couple weeks for his next set of shots. Meanwhile, things are going well here at home. Of course, he took to Harper (our dog) right away. The cats needed a few days to adjust, but we're well on our way. I think our youngest cat has a new best friend 😊 And, of course, we are completely smitten! He's pure perfection: playful, yet calm, fearless, trainable, and very cuddly (all thanks to your girls I'm sure)! He's the perfect addition to our family, and we couldn't be happier with him!

I attached a couple pics of him with his new sister. He really loves her! They're going to be quite the stunning pair when he grows up!

Thanks again for everything Sarah!"


And as for cats, they had to say this: "with some vigilance and careful guidance, it took only 3 days for them to all adjust! It's almost unbelievable!" So, those with feline friends at home, have no fear!! Pomskies can and do wonderfully with them!




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Oh, the places Dakota Pomskies puppies go!

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Pomsky puppies have ended up!!