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Dakota Pomskies Kiska

Kiska is looking for her forever home!

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Retired Dakota Pomskies Dam | F1 Pomsky

Kiska is looking for her forever home!

Ready to go home now!|
Adoption fee: 1,000

Dakota Pomskies Dam | F1 Pomsky

Kiska is our 3-year-old lively little sweetheart who has a high desire to please. She is such a little princess and only  weighs around 10-12 pounds! Kiska is an F1 Pomsky out of A-Dream's Liza and Toby Prince of Paws.

As a note, Kiska does get carsick, so if you regularly go on trips, she would likely not be a great companion for you. She is such a sweetheart and LOVES her bedtime crate. She will do great with anything from a single adult, to a couple, or a family! Not being a super-high energy dog, she does well with daily walks and active playtime.

Kiska and our Delta were among the VERY FIRST Pomskies to be tested for all four OFA recommended screenings!!


OFA Hips (prelim): Good

OFA Hips (2 y.o.+): Good

OFA Patella: Normal

OFA Basic Cardiac: Normal
OFA Eyes: Normal

Optional, but recommended for OFA/CHIC:

OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes: Normal

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