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Are you ready to find an authentic, adorable, and healthy Pomsky puppy?

Here at Dakota Pomskies, we aim to be as transparent as possible. When you get a pomsky puppy from us, you will receive lots of pictures and videos of your puppy as it's growing, along with lifetime support of your pomsky puppy.

All of our puppies come with pre-paid registration with IPA, microchip and registration, up to date on all shots, health certificate, and one-year health guarantee!

Check out our 2019 International Pomskies Association  (IPA) Logo below that shows we belong to a supportive and responsible community of breeders who are here to bring you healthy, genuine, gorgeous pomsky puppies! IPA has paved the way for the Pomsky breed and is setting the Breed Standard as well. Through the hard work of responsible breeders involved with the IPA, Pomskies are well on their way to AKC recognition, and they are now officially known as the Arctic Spitz! We are proud to have been among the first 50 registered breeders of the IPA. IPA offers a list of approved and registered breeders on their website so you can be sure you are getting your new Pomsky puppy from a reliable source. 

We are also honored to be Certified Members and Approved Pomsky Breeders with the Pomsky Owners Association (POA). This organization has done a great deal of work to bring education as well as many helpful resources for Pomsky shoppers, owners, and breeders. In fact, every one of our Puppy Packs come with the POA's very own Pomsky Training Book! 

In addition to these two great organizations, we are thrilled that our program has been recognized as a "Responsible Breeding Program" with Good Dog. This organization focuses on setting the standard high in the breeding community and promoting those "Good Breeders". Not only are they a great source of reputable breeders, but they are equally as focused on educating potential dog owners.  With standards set for Health, Behavior, and Welfare, we are proud to be recognized as "Good Breeders" by this organization! 

You can rest assured you are getting the real thing from us!


Proud to be Approved Breeders


International Pomsky Association

"We are a group of Pomsky owners, breeders, and fanciers working to develop this exciting crossbred into a true breed. We offer support, guidance, breeder education and the opportunity to be mentored Internationally. We promote honesty and integrity, whilst striving to create and improve this crossbreed with the aim of promoting and preserving the Pomsky as a widely-recognized breed or type."


Good Dog

A Force for Good....Breeders

We’re on a mission to champion responsible breeders. Good Dog is a website that promotes Good Breeders, educates the public, and helps people avoid disreputable sources and connect directly with responsible breeders. Our online community is committed to responsible practices and to working together to push out the bad sources, improve canine health, and give our dogs the world they deserve.

2019-06-06 (2).png

Pomsky Owners Association

"The Pomsky Owners Association is a leading authority for the Pomsky dog breed. The POA provides accurate and reputable information, facts and advice about the Pomsky breed. All information provided on our site comes directly from actual Pomsky breeders and Pomsky owners, allowing us to provide the most accurate information about the Pomsky breed."


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