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Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Just apply, submit, and sign.

Step #1

Fill out our Puppy Application below

If the application doesn't load, click HERE. Once your application is submitted, scroll down for steps #2 & 3!

Steps 2 & 3

Just Submit & Sign!

Once you have submitted your Puppy Application we will notify you of approval. Once approved, you will receive two emails:

  • one from "Sarah Dakota Pomskies" to submit your non-refundable 500 Reservation Fee, and

  • one from "Good Dog" to sign our Purchase Agreement & Guarantees (the "contract").

Please check the e-mail that you provided for these emails. It's possible they will end up in your spam/junk folder.

Once these two steps are completed, you will be added to our Waiting List!

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