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What People Are Saying About Dakota Pomskies

What People Are Saying About Dakota Pomskies

"We took Pippin to the vet on Monday (the day after we picked him up), and he (the vet) had only good things to say: great body condition, very calm and easy to handle, etc. We're going back in a couple weeks for his next set of shots. Meanwhile, things are going well here at home. Of course, he took to Harper (our dog) right away. The cats needed a few days to adjust, but we're well on our way. I think our youngest cat has a new best friend 😊 And, of course, we are completely smitten! He's pure perfection: playful, yet calm, fearless, trainable, and very cuddly (all thanks to your girls I'm sure)! He's the perfect addition to our family, and we couldn't be happier with him!

I attached a couple pics of him with his new sister. He really loves her! They're going to be quite the stunning pair when he grows up!

Thanks again for everything Sarah!"


And as for cats, they had to say this: "with some vigilance and careful guidance, it took only 3 days for them to all adjust! It's almost unbelievable!" So, those with feline friends at home, have no fear!! Pomskies can and do wonderfully with them!

Heather H.

We had the best experience purchasing from Dakota Pomskies! Sarah was responsive from the very beginning and happy to answer all of our questions. When we selected our puppy she was great about keeping us updated with pictures, videos, and information. They made pick up arrangements easier on us and our puppy came very used to being handled (maybe even a little spoiled :), clean, and clearly loved and well cared for. We really wouldn’t change a thing and highly recommend!

Jess S.

Great people and works passionately for their pups and breeding stock. I love seeing the best pups that Dakota pomskeis create. Highly recommend this breeder.

John P. A.

We loved working with Sarah!! These puppies are absolutely stunning. And we love our handsome little boy!! Thank you Dakota Pomskies!!

Ellie R.

Best experience ever!! Sarah went way over and above to help get our little guy to us and we couldn’t be happier with him

Michelle J.

Sarah has been lovely to speak to. We live in Canada and Sarah made multiple phone calls for us to find the best options to ship their wonderful puppy to us. They were very thorough and prompt in getting back to us Sarah was very thoughtful and she would send us multiple photos and update on the puppy we wanted daily. All their puppies were lovely and we got to see them over skype! Sarah answered all our questions over skype as well. I highly recommend this breeder. They are very professional, patient and you can see that they take care of their beautiful pomskies with a lot of love. Thank you again Sarah for your help and pleasant exchange.

Nour N.

"Best place to get a dog.. Kid friendly and great mix. So gentle and "no hair" so far no shedding except for a little,it's like a human losing their hair. Can hold him and go to work and not worry about the hair."

Julia G.

Thank you Dakota Pomskies! She (our pomsky) has been a blessing to me and my family. I don't think she even knows she is a dog. 😍😊 Oh, we are in Tennessee. Sarah was great with the flying arrangements as I had never purchased from so far away. She was very easy so work with and kept great communication with us before and after her flight. Highly recommend her!

Torie D.

I like Dakota Pomskies, their puppies and adult dogs are great.
I enjoy viewing the pictures of the new puppies and their colors and coat patterns. The staff is great, if I have questions, I just write a note with my question and by the next day I will have a reply.
I like the one on one with the staff, they take good care of their dogs and pups and treat the customer with courtesy, respect
and knowledgeable answers. Within a reasonable time
My many thanks to all at Dakota Pomskies

Shara H.

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