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Available Adults

When we are ready to retire one of our adults from our breeding program, or we are looking for a Guardian Home for an adult still in our program, you will find them listed here.

Available Adults: Welcome

Available Adults

We have some amazing moms and dads as part of Dakota Pomskies Pack! These dogs are the foundation of the incredible Pomsky puppies that we have produced.

When we are ready to retire one of our adults from our breeding program, or if we are looking for a Guardian Home, you will find them listed here.

As adults, these dogs have established personalities, quirks, and individual behaviors. Thus, we will go through an in-depth screening process to make sure they are going to a great home that fits their own unique needs, personalities, likes and dislikes.

All of our parent dogs have wonderful dispositions, are great with kids, and are used to family life, making them the perfect addition to any home!

If you are interested in bringing home one of our adult Pomskies, please let me know!


We are currently looking for a Guardian Home for Delta while he is still in our breeding program. Once he is retired, we will transfer FULL OWNERSHIP over to his Guardian! Delta's Guardian Home MUST be within 2 hours or so of Corsica, South Dakota.

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