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Available Puppies

Grand Central Station for Available and Upcoming Pups!

Upcoming Puppies!

Aspen x Delta | F2x


Delta and Aspen have given us gorgeous puppies in the past and we can't wait to see their future puppies this fall!!


Now taking applications for Guardian Homes!

If you've always wanted a Pomsky, and you are located within 2 hours of Corsica, SD, then maybe being a Guardian Home is just for you!!

Being a Guardian Home is an excellent opportunity to have a breeding-quality puppy or adult Pomsky as a pet. In exchange for providing a loving and safe home for our breeding dog and partnering with us while the dog is part of our breeding program, you will receive FULL OWNERSHIP of that dog upon their retirement as compensation!

***MUST be located within about 2 hours of Corsica, South Dakota***

Bring Home Your New Best Friend!

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