Ty (formerly Olympic)

Male, IPA Registered, F2, Willow x Delta


Ty is an amazing chill little dude! He isn't very vocal either. And TINY! Right now he is tracking to be 10 pounds or under. Ty is a sweetheart, likes snuggling, and wants to be your best friend. He will make a wonderful lifelong companion.

Ty has also taken to liking the food bowl as his own personal luxurious bed! It's SO CUTE to see him curled up in there snoozing away or even having a snack!!

Ty has a classic clover husky mask and his coloring is just amazing. That dark line down his back will spread out as he grows up, giving him a dimensional, multi-colored coat. I am so excited to see his neat coloring when he is grown!

Eye Color: Brown

DOB: July 24, 2019

Weights, in pounds: 

0.49 - 1 day

0.94 - 1 week

1.44 - 2 weeks

1.93 - 3 weeks

2.41 - 4 weeks

2.70 - 5 weeks

3.00 - 6 weeks

3.16 - 7 weeks

3.25 - 8 weeks

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