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Mr. River

Male | F2x Pomsky Puppy | Aspen x Delta


PRICE: $1500

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READY TO GO HOME: Dec 1, 2023

EYES: bright blue! One eye may have a fleck of brown near the pupil. (as they get older we will get more accurate estimates)*

COAT: white with possible cream markings

EST. ADULT WEIGHT: smallest of the litter, maybe 10-15 pounds (as they get older we will get more accurate estimates)**

Raised with kids and lots of interaction, they are very used to being carried around, played with, and held. The pups will also be started on potty training and crate training before they go to their new homes!

*eye colors are our best educated guess based on past experience at their current age. Should be fairly accurate, but of course we can’t guarantee any certain outcome.


**weights are estimated based off past experience, current sizing as well as using with their weights at 6 weeks of age (once applicable). We CANNOT guarantee any specific size or weight.

Both parents are *FULLY* OFA tested and Embark cleared. This means they have gone through extensive physical and genetic health testing to ensure we are producing the healthiest puppies possible.


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