Jake Brake (Glacier)

Male, IPA Registered, F2, Willow x Delta


Glacier has a very special new name: Jake Brake (Jake or Jakes for short). He was lovingly named after his human big brother that so sadly lost his life earlier this year. His new family chose "Jake Brake" in honor of this trucking family member that Jake will never get to meet. Although Jake won't be able to take that pain away, he will be a wonderful, bouncy addition to this family and will hopefully bring much joy amidst the sorrow for many many days to come!

Jake was fairly vocal early on but has in the last week or so quieted down. He is bouncy and playful, while also being SUPER sweet and a great snuggler! His fluffy little face is TO DIE FOR and melts your heart every time you see him! Plus Jake has an adorable bouncy way of going through life!!

Jake is going to end up with an awesome mask as he grows with those prominent white eyebrows and cheeks! He has a darker coat and that dark on his back will spread out, giving him a gorgeous silvery grey look when he is grown.

Eye Color: Brown

DOB: July 24, 2019

Weights, in pounds:

0.54 - 1 day

1.11 - 1 week

1.74 - 2 weeks

2.42 - 3 weeks

3.11 - 4 weeks

3.50 - 5 weeks

4.08 - 6 weeks

4.50 - 7 weeks

4.70 - 8 weeks

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