Male | F2 Pomsky Puppy | Willow x Delta

EYES: He is likely to have "parti-eyes" which means there will be both blue and brown in each eye however it appears that he will "look" more like he has bi-eyes, which means one blue eye and one brown eye (one eye looks mostly blue while the other is brown but the top portion is blue)...Bi-eyes and Parti-eyes are so beautiful and a much sought-after husky trait that our puppies can get! 🔥

WEIGHT: Flounder is weighing in at 3.3.16 pounds @ 5 weeks.

COAT: He's boasting a gorgeous thick plush coat.

Both parents are *FULLY* OFA tested and Embark cleared.

LITTER WEIGHTS at 5 weeks old, in pounds:

Ariel: 4.05

Prince Eric: 3.66

King Triton: 3.34

Sebastian: 3.21

Flounder: 3.16

Scuttle: 3.09

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