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Guardian Home Opportunity!

We are currently looking for a Guardian Home for Delta while he is still in our breeding program. Once he is retired, we will transfer FULL OWNERSHIP over to his Guardian! Delta's Guardian Home MUST be within 2 hours or so of Corsica, South Dakota.

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Dakota Pomskies Sire | F1 Pomsky

Delta is our fun-loving, handsome F1 sire! He weighs around 22 pounds, although he is thick and stout and looks like he weighs less. We couldn't be more excited about the genetics he brings to the table for all of his Pomsky puppies! In fact, several of his offspring have gone on to other breeding programs. He has proven time and again that he is an awesome stud for providing Pomsky perfection!

Delta and Kiska were among the VERY FIRST Pomskies to be tested for all four recommended screenings! 

Find Delta's APKC registration here.
Find Delta's IPA registration photo below.

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Patella: Normal

OFA Basic Cardiac: Normal
OFA Eyes: Normal

Optional, but recommended for OFA/CHIC:

OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes: Normal

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