Dakota Pomskies Dams


Meet Sakari

Future Dakota Pomskies Dam

Sakari has such a wonderful temperament. She is a content girl while also loving attention, giving her the perfect balance for a family dog that she will pass on to her future generations. Sakari is a 14-pound F3 Pomsky out of Lollipop's Haize and Pomsky Northerns' Jasmine. She is adorably fluffy, energetic, and has striking blue eyes. That, paired with her gorgeous coat, makes her an absolute Show Stopper! We are so excited about the genetics she is bringing to the table (ALL of her litter mates have gone to breeding homes)! We can't wait to see the little beauties she produces summer 2020!


Meet Willow

Dakota Pomskies Dam

Willow is our super-sweet little lady that loves spending quality time with our family. She is a 20-pound, small-framed F2 out of Dakota Pomskies' Aurora and Maine Aim Ranch's Shadow. She brings beauty and joy everywhere she goes and has proven that she has excellent genetics to provide gorgeous puppies to the Dakota Pomskies Family!


Meet Everest

Dakota Pomskies Dam

Everest is our gorgeous silvery playful mama! She is an 16 pound F2 out of Dakota Pomskies' Aurora and Maine Aim Ranch's Shadow. She loves to explore and go hiking. Everest has provided us some amazing puppies, including ones that have gone on to other breeding programs!


Meet Aurora

Previous Dakota Pomskies Dam

Aurora is our sweet, just-wanna-chill-by-you mama. She was our very first pomsky! We got her from Heather with Pomsky Northerns. She is a 50/50 F1, has the best temperament, and has provided amazing babies!

Aurora has retired from our breeding program and has found her forever home with a new family! She has been an absolutely wonderful family dog for us, and we are super sad to see her go. However, we are also very excited for all the new adventures she will be going on! 


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