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Female | F2x Pomsky Puppy | Aspen x Delta

Contact us for our special pricing on all remaining puppies! They are ready to join their new families 🥰 



LIST PRICE: $2500 - Contact us for our NEW special pricing for Coral!


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EYES: one brown, one parti (mostly brown with a very small chip of blue)*

COAT: grey/white with copper tones and traditional husky markings

EST. ADULT WEIGHT: 12-15 pounds**
Lil Miss Coral is the smallest of her litter, and is currently tracking to be 12-15 pounds as an adult. Her masking is starting to come in and even though it will continue to change through adolescence, she will mature with a gorgeous husky mask similar to the one she sported as a puppy. She is playful and a little sweetie 🥰

Raised with kids and lots of interaction, they are very used to being carried around, played with, and held. The pups are also crate trained, sleeping through the night with very few accidents!! They love going camping with us and on car rides.


*eye colors are our best educated guess based on past experience at their current age. Should be fairly accurate, but of course we can’t guarantee any certain outcome.


**weights are estimated based off past experience as well as using with their weights at 6 weeks of age. We CANNOT guarantee any specific size or weight

Both parents are *FULLY* OFA tested and Embark cleared.


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