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Male | F3x Pomsky Puppy | Mesa x Force

PRICE: $2500

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READY TO GO HOME: May 18, 2023

EYES: Blue*

COAT: black/white, piebald, husky mask

EST. ADULT WEIGHT: 10 pounds**

Mr. Clover is looking  for his home!! He’s tracking to be right around 10 pounds as an adult 🤩 Clover has dreamy blue eyes, he’s fluffy, and such a tiny little dude. He’s brave and adventurous, and loves to play!

*eye colors are our best educated guess based on past experience at their current age. Should be fairly accurate, but of course we can’t guarantee any certain outcome.


**weights are estimated based off past experience as well as using with their weights at 4 weeks of age. We CANNOT guarantee any specific size or weight

Both parents are *FULLY* OFA tested and Embark cleared.


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