Cedar (formerly Cascades)

Female, IPA Registered, F2, Willow x Delta


This little lady is going to be enjoying plenty of play time with her new family up in Canada! 

Cedar has a gloriously rich copper and dark coat with an adorable husky mask! I cannot wait to see how her coloring turns out as an adult. AND THOSE EYES!!! They are SO striking, especially with her black eyeliner and black nose. She will be an absolute show-stopper her whole life. Cedar is spunky, brave, and adventurous. She is going to be a wonderfully fun lifelong adventurer. 

Eye Color: Blue

DOB: July 24, 2019

Ready to go home September 18th. 

Weights, in pounds:

0.54 - 1 day

0.98 - 1 week

1.55 - 2 weeks

2.12 - 3 weeks

2.76 - 4 weeks

3.14 - 5 weeks

3.96 - 6 weeks

4.39 - 7 weeks

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